EuropeanPetPharmacy Maintenance


My role in maintaining and supporting involved extensive customization and adaptation of various plugins, including WooCommerce, WP Affiliate, and related solutions, to align with the unique business requirements of the e-commerce platform. Here’s a more detailed account of my contributions:

1. WooCommerce Customization relies on WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform for WordPress. To cater to their specific needs, I undertook extensive customization of the WooCommerce framework. This included tailoring the checkout process, product listings, payment gateways, and other e-commerce functionalities to ensure a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience.

2. WP Affiliate Integration

Affiliate marketing is a valuable tool for driving traffic and sales. I integrated the WP Affiliate plugin into the website to establish an affiliate marketing program. This allowed for the recruitment of affiliates, tracking of referrals, and the calculation of commissions, ultimately boosting the reach and sales of the platform.

3. Synchronization with Mirakl

To expand the reach and scope of, I synchronized the WooCommerce store with Mirakl, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution specialized in selling products and services. This integration brought several advantages:

Order Import

I ensured a seamless flow of orders between the WooCommerce store and Mirakl. This synchronization allowed for real-time order updates, improving efficiency and customer experience.

DHL Shipping Labels

A crucial requirement was the ability to generate DHL shipping labels directly within the WooCommerce store. I implemented this feature to simplify the shipping process and enhance order fulfillment.

Bidirectional Data Update

It was vital to maintain consistency between the WooCommerce store and Mirakl. I facilitated the bidirectional flow of data, ensuring that product listings, pricing, inventory, and order status were kept up to date across both platforms.

In summary, my role in maintaining and enhancing involved the customization and adaptation of WooCommerce, WP Affiliate, and related plugins. The synchronization with Mirakl was a significant achievement, enabling efficient order management, DHL shipping label generation, and bidirectional data updates. This enhanced the overall functionality of the e-commerce platform, improved customer satisfaction, and expanded its reach and capabilities in the competitive online pet pharmacy market.

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