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Welcome to the online home of a dedicated Full Stack WordPress Developer, your trusted WooCommerce Expert, and a seasoned LearnDash Specialist. As a passionate and experienced professional in the world of web development, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to enhance your digital presence. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning website, optimize your e-commerce platform, or take your e-learning initiatives to the next level, I’m here to transform your vision into reality. Explore my services and discover how I can help you achieve excellence in WordPress, WooCommerce, and LearnDash, elevating your online journey to new heights.

Get Exceptional WordPress Services

From crafting visually captivating and user-friendly websites to customizing themes and plugins, I am a skilled developer who is well-versed in the art of WordPress. I understand the importance of a strong online presence and am committed to delivering websites that not only meet your expectations but also surpass them.

Raja Aman Ullah - WordPress Plugin Developer
Plugin Development

An expert in WordPress Plugins development. I developed more than 100 plugins for WooCommerce Extension Store and Envato Market having over 100000 active subscriptions.

Raja Aman Ullah - WordPress Theme Developer
Plugin Customization

Exceptional services to customize famous plugins according to your needs to fulfill business requirements, eCommerce features, and personalized experience for your Website visitors.

WordPress Website Development

Developing WordPress websites for eCommerce stores, membership websites, Subscription products, multisite networks, multilingual sites, booking systems, LMS, and many others.


An expert in Creating, maintaining, customizing and optimizing e-commerce websites using the WooCommerce platform, which is a popular plugin for WordPress.


Creating and customizing e-learning platforms using the LearnDash. This service includes designing interactive courses, managing learning materials, and implementing features that facilitate engaging and effective online education experiences.

WordPress Themes

Designing and coding custom themes for WordPress websites, tailoring the website’s visual appearance and layout. This service focuses on creating unique, responsive, and user-friendly designs that align with the client’s branding and functional requirements.

Working Process

WordPress development typically involves designing and coding custom themes and plugins to create unique websites or enhance existing ones. I use PHP(Procedural & OOP), HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery to build and customize WordPress sites, ensuring they meet the client’s design and functionality requirements. For the development of custom Gutenberg blocks and an admin dashboard, React JS is utilized to enhance website speed and improve user experience.

About Me

As a dedicated and seasoned WordPress developer, I specialize in WordPress, WooCommerce, and LearnDash, with a strong emphasis on plugin development and customization, alongside theme development, WordPress speed optimization, security enhancements, and comprehensive maintenance services. My expertise lies in crafting tailored solutions that empower your online presence, ensuring top-notch performance, security, and seamless functionality for your website.

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

I began my career as a WordPress Developer in 2019 and have gained extensive knowledge of the platform over the past three years. Devoting 10-15 hours each day to coding and troubleshooting has allowed me to greatly improve my skills. However, I am eager to continue learning and expanding my expertise by exploring modern JavaScript and PHP frameworks and libraries.

Since 2020, I have been serving as the team lead of a WordPress plugin development team at a well-respected WooCommerce vendor company.

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler

“Fix the cause, not the symptom.” – Steve Maguire

“Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming: feedback is the treatment. “ Kent Beck

“Make it work, make it right, make it fast.” – Kent Beck


Laptop - Raja Aman Ullah

Work Experience

Experience is vital but experience alone is insufficient unless that experience produces learning that deepens expertise and strengthens personal qualities.

WordPress Plugin Development


I have a proven track record in WordPress plugin development, with a portfolio of over 100 custom plugins designed for the WooCommerce Extension Store and Envato market, showcasing my extensive expertise and commitment to crafting powerful solutions.

Expertise in Plugin Development
Expert 95%

WordPress Plugins Customization


I have a strong background in customizing plugins for WooCommerce, LearnDash, and membership plugins. I’ve successfully tailored these plugins to meet specific client needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality within diverse project requirements.

Expertise in Plugin Customization
Expert 95%

WordPress Theme Development


My expertise in WordPress theme development encompasses a deep understanding of design principles, coding standards, and user experience, allowing me to create captivating and functional themes tailored to your unique needs.

Expertise in Theme Development
Intermediate 60%

WordPress Maintenance and Support


I excel in WordPress maintenance and support, ensuring your website remains secure, up-to-date, and optimized for peak performance while providing responsive and efficient assistance whenever you need it.

Expertise in Maintenance and Support
Expert 90%

WordPress Speed Optimization


I specialize in WordPress speed optimization, employing proven techniques to enhance website performance, reduce load times, and create a smoother, more enjoyable user experience.

Expertise in Speed Optimization
Expert 90%

Custom Gutenberg Blocks and Widgets


As a beginner in the realm of custom Gutenberg blocks and widgets, I’m eager to explore and learn, laying the foundation for creating innovative and tailored content blocks to enhance WordPress websites.

Expertise in Gutenberg blocks Development
Beginner 30%

PHP (Procedural and OOP)


I have honed my PHP skills since embarking on my development journey in 2017, proficiently working with both procedural and object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques, allowing me to tackle a wide range of projects and create robust, efficient solutions.

Expertise in PHP
Expert 95%

JavaScript (JS)


My proficiency in JavaScript for web development empowers me to create dynamic and interactive web applications, utilizing the language’s capabilities to enhance user experiences and deliver modern, feature-rich websites.

Expertise in JavaScript
Expert 85%



I possess a strong skill set in HTML and CSS, allowing me to craft well-structured, visually appealing, and responsive web designs. My expertise in these fundamental technologies forms the basis for creating user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Expertise in HTML/CSS
Expert 80%

Debugging and Error Resolving


My expertise in debugging and error resolution equips me with the ability to quickly identify and resolve issues in web development projects, ensuring the  optimal performance of websites and applications.

Expertise in Debugging
Expert 95%

React JS


I embarked on a journey to master React.js with a specific goal in mind – to pioneer the development of next-generation plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce, and LearnDash.

Expertise in React.js
Intermediate 50%

PHP Laravel


In my quest to further elevate my expertise within the PHP framework, I immersed myself in Laravel, strengthening and expanding my skill set in the process.

Expertise in Laravel
Intermediate 50%

My Portfolio

Welcome to my world of limitless possibilities, where lines of code come alive and transform your wildest WordPress dreams into reality. I am Raja Aman Ullah, an extraordinary WordPress backend developer ready to create wonders.

What My Clients Says

Feel free to peruse the reviews provided by my valued clients, as they offer a genuine and detailed perspective on the quality of the services I provide. I place an unwavering emphasis on client satisfaction, considering it the cornerstone of my professional practice. By prioritizing and exceeding client expectations, I aim to foster strong, lasting relationships and ensure that every project is a testament to my commitment to excellence. Your feedback and trust are of utmost importance, and I continuously strive to deliver exceptional results that reflect this dedication.

“Exceptional communication and dedication to the job. Working with Raja has been an ease and I know I get the outcome I defined in the project if he accepts the task! If he tells he will get it done – it gets done!”

Scott Robertson

Raja is one of the best freelancers I’ve ever hired. He is quick to provide resolutions to my issues, performs the work flawlessly, and is very quick as well. I wish all my freelancers were this good!”

Customer reviews

Raja delivered 100% what we were after, also in time. We will certainly use him again”

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