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Read a useful and helpful WordPress blog. It helps to easily understand and implement complex solutions while building your WordPress plugins and Themes.

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  • How to differentiate between Action And Filter Hooks
    Action hooks are used for a variety of tasks, including adding HTML, CSS, and JS files. While the Filter hooks filter the data returned by a function.
  • WooCommerce Product Functions
    This article contains all the necessary product functions those helps to write snippets in PHP and developing plugins and themes of WooCommerce.
  • How to list WordPress Hooks
    List WordPress hooks utilized on a page using a straightforward PHP code. Enumerate all WordPress content hooks to view order and locate action and filter hooks
  • How to match posts and categories in WordPress
    An optimized solution in PHP to match posts, categories and other terms in WordPress. Match products and categories in WooCommerce.
  • How to use WooCommerce Sessions and Cookies
    Set, update and delete wp_woocommerce_session cookie. WooCommerce Sessions stores data for 48 hours but you can change it according to your needs.
  • How to Install WordPress Coding Standards
    Install PHP, WooCommerce, and WordPress Coding Standards. WordPress coding standards are used to verify the coding standard of WordPress plugins and themes.
  • How to add custom post type in Tab
    Show your custom post type in tab to display all the settings, post types, and reports in one menu/submenu so users can find and explore everything quickly.
  • How to add Charts in WordPress Development
    Make it easy to add google charts in WordPress plugins and Themes. Use Line chart, pie chart, bar chart or any other type in few steps.
  • How to customize WooCommerce Emails
    Extend WC_Mail class and override the necessary fuctions to customize WooCommerce emails and use the beautiful woocommerce email templates.

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