WCFM Marketplace Customization

WCFM Marketplace

Integrating Product Reviews into Vendor Profiles

Project Overview:

I undertook a challenging and innovative project to enhance the functionality of the “WCFM Marketplace” plugin, a popular multi-vendor marketplace solution for WordPress and WooCommerce. The objective was to introduce a feature that allows product reviews to be seamlessly integrated into vendor profiles. This customization not only expanded the plugin’s capabilities but also greatly improved the user experience for both vendors and customers.

Project Details:

1. Problem Statement:

In the existing version of the “WCFM Marketplace” plugin, product reviews were associated solely with individual products, making it difficult for customers to assess the reputation and reliability of vendors. The objective was to address this limitation by enabling product reviews to be showcased on the vendor’s profile page.

2. Scope of Work:


I customized the “WCFM Marketplace” plugin to add a new section within the vendor profile, dedicated to product reviews.

Review Integration

I implemented a system to fetch and display product reviews associated with each vendor, making them accessible from the vendor’s profile.

3. Key Features Implemented:

Review Section

A dedicated section was added to each vendor’s profile where customers can view all product reviews related to that specific vendor.

Review Ratings

The feature includes review ratings, written comments, and the ability to sort reviews based on various criteria.


The integration was designed to seamlessly blend with the existing plugin’s interface for a cohesive user experience.

4. Technologies and Tools Used:


The project was built as an extension of the WordPress platform.


Integration with WooCommerce ensured compatibility with online stores.


Custom coding and scripting to implement the required features.


Styling and design elements were developed to ensure a visually appealing and user-friendly presentation.


Responsiveness and Ajax request was handled by using JS and jQuery.

5. Impact:

The successful implementation of this customization brought several benefits to the multi-vendor marketplace: –

Enhanced Trust

Customers can now easily assess the credibility of vendors by reviewing product ratings and comments on the vendor’s profile.

User Experience

The feature contributes to a smoother and more informative user experience, encouraging more sales and interactions.

Competitive Edge

The customized “WCFM Marketplace” plugin with integrated vendor profile reviews sets this marketplace apart from competitors.

6. Challenges:

Ensuring seamless integration without disrupting the core functionality of the plugin. – Creating a visually pleasing and user-friendly design for the review section.

7. Results:

The project was a resounding success, and the custom feature received positive feedback from both vendors and customers. It has become a valuable asset for the marketplace, setting a new standard for user trust and satisfaction.

8. Conclusion:

This project showcases my ability to not only customize existing plugins but also innovate and extend their functionality to meet unique business needs. The integration of product reviews into vendor profiles has had a significant impact on the user experience, which is essential for any successful online marketplace.

This project has now become a valuable addition to my portfolio, demonstrating my expertise in WordPress, WooCommerce, and plugin customization while highlighting my commitment to improving user experiences and solving real-world business challenges.

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