Request a Quote for WooCommerce

Introducing “Request a Quote for WooCommerce: The Ultimate WooCommerce Quotation Management Plugin”

I developed a Quotation Management plugin to take your WooCommerce store to the next level, designed to supercharge your e-commerce experience. It is a feature-rich plugin that offers a myriad of powerful capabilities to transform your online store into a dynamic and customer-friendly marketplace. Here’s a glimpse of what Request a Quote for WooCommerce brings to the table:

Feature list of the plugin:

Seamless Quotation Management:

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional e-commerce. WooCommerce Request a Quote empowers you to create a comprehensive quotation system that streamlines the quoting process for both you and your customers.

Customer-Friendly “Add to Quote”

For selected products, the “Add to Quote” button appears, making it simple for your customers to request quotes with just a click.

User Role Customization

Choose which user roles can access the quote feature, catering to guests and specific user categories.

Flexible Cart Replacement

Replace the standard “Add to Cart” button with the new “Quote” button or a custom button and link, offering a tailored shopping experience.

Price Concealment

Hide product prices and replace them with customized text, providing a personalized touch to your product listings.

Mini Quote Basket

WooQuote Pro offers a mini quote basket, mirroring the functionality of a mini cart, where customers can easily track their selected products.

Text Customization

Customize the text of the quote button to match your brand’s tone and style.

Enhanced Quote Form

Add an unlimited number of fields to the quote submission form, allowing you to gather specific details from customers.

Field Customization

Arrange and designate fields as mandatory or optional, catering to your unique requirements. Support for multiple field types, including text, email, number, dropdown, checkboxes, and more.

Automated Notifications

Keep both admin and customers informed with automatic email notifications, ensuring a streamlined quoting process.

Status Management

Assign quote statuses such as “Pending,” “In Process,” “Canceled,” and more, streamlining the organization of quotes.

Customer Communication

Notify customers about status changes via email, ensuring a transparent and engaging experience.

Backend Management

Create quotes from the admin dashboard and effortlessly email them to customers, enhancing efficiency and customer communication.

Conversion Power

Seamlessly convert quotes into orders, simplifying the transition from inquiry to purchase.

Price Negotiation

Allow customers to submit their price offers, opening up the possibility for negotiation.

Standard Pricing Display

Choose to display standard prices within the quote basket, “My Account” section, and quote emails.

Price Editing

Edit prices and effortlessly convert quotes into orders, granting you full control over your sales process.

Variation Control

Disable the “Request a Quote” button for specific product variations, ensuring flexibility and precision in your offerings.

Customization Options

Override and customize email templates, the quote basket, and the quote detail page to match your branding and design preferences.


Request a Quote seamlessly integrates with page builder plugins and is fully compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons.

Elevate your WooCommerce store with the Request a Quote plugin, the ultimate solution for effective quotation management. Unlock new possibilities and provide a customer-centric shopping experience that sets you apart from the competition. Join the future of e-commerce today with the Request a Quote plugin!

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