B2B for WooCommerce

B2B for WooCommerce

Presenting “B2B for WooCommerce” – Elevate Your Business-to-Business Experience

Elevate your business-to-business (B2B) interactions with B2B for WooCommerce, the ultimate solution designed to enhance your B2B e-commerce capabilities. Our feature-packed plugin is your gateway to streamlined B2B interactions and improved user experiences. Here’s a glimpse of the transformative features that await:

Feature list of the plugin:

Effortless B2B Registration

Expand the default registration form to effortlessly accommodate B2B registrations. Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities in the signup process.

Custom Registration Fields

Enhance user registration by adding a user roles dropdown and extra fields, adapting the default form to your specific business needs.

Versatile Registration Fields

Enjoy flexibility with multiple types of registration fields, from dropdown menus to text boxes, multi-select options, radio buttons, and more.

Manual Review and Approval

Maintain control over B2B user registrations by manually reviewing and approving new applicants, ensuring compatibility with your business standards.

Products and Prices Visibility

Hide products, the add to cart button, and prices from chosen users and groups or display them solely to selected users or groups.

User Role-Based Product Visibility

Tailor your product listings by hiding them based on user roles, simplifying the shopping experience for your B2B customers.

Seamless Price and Cart Control

Hide prices and the “Add to Cart” button to create an exclusive atmosphere. These features can be customized for guest users, specific user roles, or specific products and categories.

Request a Quote

Add a request for a quote feature to enable price negotiations, communication with clients, and personalized pricing for businesses and suppliers.

Quote Button Integration

Enhance the purchasing process with a “quote” button, enabling B2B customers to make inquiries with ease.

Mini Quote Functionality

Incorporate a mini-quote dropdown and customize the quote form fields, ensuring that you gather all the necessary information for your B2B transactions.

Offered Price Option

Streamline negotiations by including an offered price option within the quotation process, making B2B interactions smoother.

Quote Form Fields

Add unlimited fields to the quote submission form, accommodating a wide range of information and customization.


Seamlessly convert quotes into orders, ensuring that your B2B customers experience a hassle-free transition.

Role-Based Pricing

Set different prices for different user roles, facilitating tiered pricing and catering to your diverse customer base.

Import Pricing with Ease

Simplify the process by importing prices using CSV files, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Customer-Specific Pricing

Fine-tune your pricing strategy with customer-specific rates, delivering a personalized experience that builds lasting relationships.

Tax Handling

Display prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes based on user roles, ensuring compliance with varying taxation requirements.

Shipping and Payment Restriction

Manage your logistics and financial flow by restricting shipping and payment methods based on user roles, streamlining your operations.

Order Control

Regulate order amounts and quantities based on user roles and customer profiles, maintaining a seamless workflow.

Translation Ready

Our plugin is ready to adapt to your global B2B clientele with robust translation support.

B2B for WooCommerce is your gateway to a world of B2B e-commerce excellence. Elevate your B2B interactions, streamline operations, and deliver a customer-centric experience that sets you apart from the competition. With WooCommerce B2B, the future of B2B e-commerce is at your fingertips.

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