Customized “Learndash group registration” plugin

Learndash group registration

My project focuses on optimizing the business-to-business (B2B) course sales process for, an e-learning platform offering a wide range of educational courses. I have achieved this by customizing the Learndash group registration plugin to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Key Project Features:

Streamlined B2B Sales:

To simplify B2B sales, I leveraged the Learndash group registration plugin, which allows organizations to purchase and configure accounts for multiple employees simultaneously. This feature streamlines the course enrollment process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Customized Seat Management

The original Learndash group registration plugin lacked a seat management solution, which is crucial for organizations to control course access. To address this limitation, I introduced a customized seat management system. This system associates each user with a “seat,” ensuring that organizations can easily manage and allocate course access.

Subscription Cycle Integration

I incorporated a subscription cycle into my customization. When organizations purchase access for their employees, these users are bound to a minimum subscription duration, typically one year. In cases where employees leave or are removed from a course, their seat goes on hold until the next subscription cycle begins. This ensures that the organization’s investment in course access remains active for the specified subscription period.

Tailored Solutions for

My project is centered around the specific business needs of Every customization I implemented was carefully designed to address the unique requirements of the organization and enhance the e-learning experience for both organizations and their employees.

Project Benefits:

  • Improved efficiency and convenience in B2B course sales.
  • Enhanced seat management for precise control over course access.
  • Subscription cycle integration for optimized investment in online courses.
  • A highly customized solution that aligns with the unique business needs of

My project successfully transformed the course sales and subscription management process for, creating a more seamless and user-focused experience for organizations and their employees. The customization of the Learndash group registration plugin not only streamlines B2B sales but also introduces critical seat management and subscription cycle functionality to ensure the best utilization of online learning resources.

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